A new study from the Cats Protection has found that cat names like Tiddles, Mittens and Sooty are becoming less popular, and more cats are instead being named after food.

Pringle, Sushi, Saffron, Jellybean, Cabbage and Captain Haddock have all revealed as popular names for cats, after a survey asked 1,000 people aged between 5 and 70 years old.

Karen Thompson, deputy manager at the Cat Protection’s National Cat Adoption Centre, said "As well as some bizarre names such as Ichabod, Laiq and Naquiba, we were surprised by the huge number of suggestions related to refreshments, which is a move away from the traditional human names that most owners used to give their cats."

Cultural references are also having an effect on pet names. One of the most popular cat names is now Pilchard, after the cat belonging to Bob the Builder, and Harry Potter related names are also becoming more and more widespread.

Not only do cats have Harry Potter related names, they also look like characters from the books! The Voldemort cat. Pic credit: Mikael Buck/Solent News from the Daily Telegraph

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