Christmas is approaching and although it is a season for fun, pet owners need to be aware that there are hidden dangers brought about by the festive season. Here is the Online For Pets guide to help your pet stay happy and healthy during the Christmas period.



Be careful of decorations

Tinsel, fairy lights and glass baubles can all cause problems for pets especially if they chew them, so ensure that they are well out of reach. If any glass baubles break, clean up thoroughly to make sure there are no fragments for your pet to swallow.


Watch out for potential poisons

Many of the items associated with Christmas are dangerous to cats and dogs. Mistletoe, holly and ivy are all poisonous so if any leaves or berries do fall off, be sure to pick them up straight away – or keep them out of the house altogether.


Avoid the temptation to give them human food

You might want to treat your pet this Christmas, but giving them human food can be deadly. Chocolate, grapes and raisins are all poisonous to cats and dogs, and the rich fatty food we enjoy during the festive season can give them stomach upsets. If in doubt, don’t give it to them.


Don’t forget older pets

The majority of the measures we’ve listed above apply mainly to more inquisitive puppies and kittens, but older animals can also have problems during Christmas. The noises and hubbub can spook them, so make sure there is a quiet place available for them to go if they feel uncomfortable.


Buy them a gift!

It’s not just humans that like presents at Christmas; your pets do too! Give them delicious treats or fun toys like those available from so they can celebrate Christmas as well!