If you’re heading out on your summer holiday soon and want to get fitter before you go, exercise classes are an ideal way to tone up your beach body.

However, if you want your dog to join in too, a fitness instructor in America has come up with a unique way for you and your pet to get fit together – doga classes.

The routines feature a unique twist on traditional yoga poses with your dog joining in with you to help reinforce the relationship between pet and owner.

Suzi Teitelman from Florida has been teaching doga since 2002 has launched DVDs and a training manual so people who can’t attend her classes can still join in.

But how does it work? “The person takes dog deeper into a stretch, and the dog takes the person deeper”, explains Suzi. “If you have a dog on your arm in a standing posture it helps balance and strength."

She also believes that the classes are not just suitable for dogs. "It definitely works with cats," she said, "and when I do downward dog my bird comes over."

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