A savage new law which makes ‘incessant barking’ an offence has dog owners turning to pet psychologists in Hawaii. Boasting a vast range of idyllic scenery, Hawaii’s Big Island has recently become overrun by people’s pet dogs and it’s due to this that officials have been forced to take action.

The repeat offenders are the ones who will have action taken against them with the police now able to fine dog owners, write ‘barking tickets’ and in drastic instances they are able to remove an uncontrollable dog to a pound. There are ‘allotted times’ in which a dog is allowed to bark and can ban a dog that barks for 10 minutes continuously or 20 minutes intermittently within half an hour.

There are exceptions to that law, with a dog allowed to bark over the time limits if their owner is being attacked. As you may imagine there have been a number of complaints about the time limits and that the law infringes their rights but that’s countered by neighbours saying that 24-hour barking is so bad that they need to have a fan next to their head to be able to get to sleep.

This can be down to some dogs not being trained properly and being a little wayward. If you think that your neighbour may be getting annoyed at the noise your dog is making then you should pay a visit to the Online for Pets site.

With the wide range of products they’ve got available that will help you to train your dog you’re sure to find something that will help you to make your dog’s behaviour better and if it is a barking problem, then you may also be able to control that.