Russ Berkman, the lucky owner of four tickets to the Masters at the Augusta National Golf Club soon realised his dog had treated herself to a snack. Yes, that snack happened to be his four tickets to the Masters which he had won in a lottery. Berkman, a Seattle resident was forced to feed his beloved Swiss mountain dog, Sierra with Hydrogen Peroxide after he realised what she had eaten.

Once his darling pet had thrown up what was left of the tickets he was left with no other choice than to try ad piece back together the pieces of the tickets that were left and he thinks that h managed to get about 70% of all of the four tickets back together.

Once he realised what had happened he didn’t know what he should do so he phoned up his girlfriend and she said that all he could do was to make the dog sick and hope that the pieces of paper, or card; whatever it was the tickets were made from hadn’t digested too much by the time the dog had thrown them up.

Luckily he managed to get them out in time and he pieced back the majority of each of the four tickets and he didn’t know whether or not he would be able to get in with them on the day of the event so he phoned up the golf club, explained what had happened and thankfully they reprinted his tickets for him. It sounds like he needs to train his dog more!

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