This month is National Pet Month in the UK!

It is a month purely dedicated to celebrate the relationships with furry friends and it promotes responsible pet ownership. From 7th April to 7th May, pet loves across the country are being urged to take part.

The events, which originated as National Pet Week in 1989, aims to make people aware of the many benefits of pets for older people and people for pets; and this years’ theme for 2012 is “Your Pet and You: A Winning Team.”

Dogs and cats can play a huge role in a family’s life and contribute greatly to society, so there is no better time than now to make sure your feline and pooch are happy and healthy and to show them how much you care. Pets make many people’s lives more joyful and you can repay your love by looking after them responsibly.

Phil Sketchley, Chairman of NPM, said: “National Pet Month is ultimately all about acknowledging and raising awareness of how pets make people’s lives happier and healthier and how we can repay their love by looking after them responsibly. By learning about responsible pet care we and our pets can make a winning team for many years to come.”

Whether you own a cute hamster, a lizard, a rat, a bunny rabbit or the conventional cat and dog, you can get involved by splashing out on your pet and treating them to a new bed or toy at

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