New Years Eve is fun for humans, but less so for our pets! With lots of people, noise and fireworks many animals find it an upsetting time of the year so here at a number of tips from OnlineForPets to help you make it as stress-free as possible for them.



Don't let your pet get frightened this New Year



Think carefully about hosting a party

You may want to throw a NYE bash, but if you have cats or dogs bringing lots of people into their home could be stressful for them. Older pets can especially be unnerved, so you need to consider it carefully before hosting any large events.


Keep alcohol out of reach

We know about the dangers of drinking, but our pets don’t. Alcohol is poisonous to pets (more so than it is to humans!) so don’t leave drinks where your animals could get them.


Create them a safe place

Whether you’re having people around or not,  there will probably be a lot of noise around on the evening so make sure your pet has a sanctuary to go to if they need somewhere to hide and be alone. At Online For Pets, we have a wide range of comfortable dog beds and cat beds so why not treat them to a new cosy place to sleep at Christmas for use at New Year?


Don’t take pets to displays

Going to a big outdoor display? Leave your dog at home. The crowds and loud noises could frighten them, so leaving them in the house is a better idea.


Whatever you do for New Year, just remember that although the fireworks and festivities are fun for you, they could be stressful for your pet so be sure to think of them before you make any plans.