You’ll know how much your dog loves to play with his or her toys

Soft toys are great for dogs as they can not only play with them and carry them around with them during the day, but many dogs also love to have them with them in their bed at night time.

At Online For Pets, we have a wide range of different soft toys so there is something to appeal to all dogs.

If your dog likes toys which make a noise, the Laughing Ball dog toy by Gor Pets is ideal. This cute little ball laughs when squeezed so dogs will get hours of enjoyment playing with it.

Laughing ball dog toy

For dogs who like bigger toys, the Swan dog toy is a great choice. It’s 40cm tall and is made from velour, with wings which make crackling noises to keep your dog entertained and stimulated. It’s also great for dogs who love to carry their toys around due to its long neck.

Whichever type of toy your dog would prefer, Online For Pets offer value for money prices and a great service with every item despatch within two days of order and a no fuss money back guarantee so you can shop in complete confidence every time.