Streets in Taiwan were paved with gold recently as a scheme took place to swap dog poo for a chance to win pieces of the precious material!

Lottery tickets were given away to locals that handed in bags of dog mess, and officials in the city say that the scheme was a big success.

The city hopes that dog walkers will become more responsible 


Residents of New Taipei City have handed in over 14,500 bags of dog mess and in return received tickets for a special lottery. More than 4,000 people received tickets, and officials told the BBC that they were unsure whether those who took part were dog owners spurred on to be more responsible or were citizens that just wanted to win.

The winners of the competition have now been drawn, with the top prize of a gold ingot worth £1,400 being won by a woman in her 50s. 85 people in total won prizes, with smaller pieces of gold being given to 4 winners and household appliances going to the others.

The scheme has now finished, with city officials saying that they cannot afford to continue to give away prizes, but it is hoped that dog owners will have now got into the habit of becoming more responsible in picking up after their pets.

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