Buster Inflatable Dog Collar – Blue – Size Small


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Buster Inflatable Dog Collar. Buster Inflatable Collars are the new way to prevent your dog biting at stitches following surgery. The soft and comfortable collar prevents the dog from reaching injuries, stitches, rashes or wounds. The protective inflatable collar has an inflatable inner pouch that is inflated through an air valve. The inner pouch is protected by an outer PVC cover to resist bites and scratches. Will not inhibit the animal’s field of vision Durable long-term use Comfortable for the animal Will not mark or scrape furniture Scratch and bite-resistant Wipe off with a damp cloth The Buster Inflatable Dog Collar has a nylon removable cover and the inner tube is inflatable by mouth. There are 3 loops on the inside of the collar to attach to your pets own collar for extra security. Please note when ordering if you are unsure what size to purchase, we normally recommend going for the larger of the two sizes you are considering. You will be able to use the loops inside the collar and your dogs normal collar for fitting. Please measure your dogs neck before ordering, as dogs can vary in size within a breed, breed references are a guide only. Size Guide X-small: External diameter 16cm Internal diameter 5cm Neck Size 16cm. Suitable for Yorkshire Terrier, Papillon etc. Small: External diameter 22cm. Internal diameter 7 cm. Neck Size 22cm Suitable for Fox Terrier, Jack Russell, etc. Medium: External diameter 25.5 cm. Internal diameter 11cm. Neck Size 35cm Suitable for Springer Spaniel, Border Collie etc Large: External diameter 30.5 cm. Internal diameter 16cm. Neck Size 50cm Suitable for Golden Retriever, Flat coated Retriever, Border Collie etc. X-large: External diameter 36cm Internal diameter 18cm Neck Size 57cm Suitable for Rottweiler, Great Dane, Mastiff etc XX-large: External diameter 44cm. Internal diameter 22cm. Neck Size 70cm Suitable for Rottweiler, Mastiff, etc.