PRO PLAN NUTRISAVOUR Fish in Gravy Delicate Adult Cat Pouch 85g x 90


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PRO PLAN NUTRISAVOUR Fish in Gravy Delicate Adult Cat Pouch contains nutrients specifically chosen to help ease your cats sensitivity. Its a complete and balanced pet food they’ll love. NUTRISAVOUR Adult DELICATE is made with tender ocean fish in a delicious gravy. Each pouch contains highly digestible, high quality ingredients, and our special formula contains a prebiotic that’s proven to promote digestive health. Each pouch contains all the essential nutrients your cat needs to stay happy, healthy, and in good shape. Your cat will love the variety of protein-rich tender chunks, and you’ll know that you’re supplying them with exceptional nutrition designed by Purina’s experts. For a complete and balanced diet that’s tailored to the needs of your cat’s digestive and skin sensitivity, try NutriSavour Adult DELICATE today.FeaturesFor adult cats with delicate digestion and delicate skinProven to promote digestive healthHelps reduce possible skin discomfort associated with food sensitivityHighly digestible ingredientsA nutritionally complete wet cat food for any adult cat with skin or digestive sensitivityIngredients Meat and Animal Derivatives Vegetable Protein Extracts Fish and Fish Derivatives (of which 4% Ocean Fish) Oils and Fats Derivatives of Vegetable Origin Minerals Various SugarsAnalytical Constituents Protein: 12.6% Fat content: 3.8% Crude Ash: 2.3% Crude Fibres: 0.3% Moisture: 78.0% Omega 3 fatty acids: 0.1% Omega 6 fatty acids: 1.1%Nutritional Additives IU/kg: Vit. A: 1058 Vit. D3: 148 Vit. E : 320 mg/kg: Taurine: 456 Fe (E1): 31 I (E2): 0.59 Cu (E4): 3.8 Mn (E5): 5.4 Zn (E6): 74.9 Se (E8): 0.05Feeding Guide:For an average adult cat (4kg), feed 3 pouches per day in at least 2 separate meals. The adult maintenance averages are based on moderately active cats at normal environmental temperatures. Individual needs vary and feeding should be adjusted as required to maintain your cat at a lean, healthy body weight. Serve at room temperature. Fresh, clean drinking water should always be available.