Specific CKW Veterinary Diet Kidney Support Wet Dog Food 300g x 6


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Specific Kidney Support for dogs is an ideal diet for all stages of chronic renal failure. This scientifically formulated food works to slow down progression of renal failure and increase survival rates thanks to a restricted phosphorus content, preventing increased levels of phosphorus in the blood. This reduces the strain put on kidneys because the protein content is restricted, a restricted protein level means that less waste is generated which needs to be excreted by the kidney. Ensuring your pet receives enough essential amino acids through the use of proteins of high quality, this food helps to combat hypertension due to a reduced sodium content, whilst slowing down the progression of renal failure thanks to increased levels of omega-3 fatty acidsIngredients: Pork, rice, maize, wheat, fish oil, eggs, powdered cellulose, minerals, psyllium husk, vitamins and trace elements, taurine, L-carnitine.