The Gencon All-in-1 Clip To Collar


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The Gencon All-in-1 Clip To Collar Gencon All-In-1 Headcollar With Clip To CollarnbspThis is the same as the Gencon All-in-1 but with an additional Trigger Hook at the handle end This end of the lead can be made to form a handle or can be clipped to your dog39s own collar which may give new users more confidence or is good for use on wriggly puppies The trigger on the end also enables for extra control on you dogDo you get frustrated and annoyed when you are walking your dog and your arm is aching Maybe your dog will walk on a slack lead or even off the lead in a class or an Obedience Show but will still pull you when out of the ring and out for a walk I have been there They will NOT pull up into your dogs eyes They consist of two loops one goes over the nose the other containing the lead or rings round the neck When the dog pulls both loops tighten restricting the whole head the dog backs off from the restriction in other words STOPS PULLING The action is from the side of the head and is very gentle it does not pull your dog39s head round nbspMake sure the All-in-1 is fitted correctly both loops fitting snugly not tight not slack and that it is slackening when the pressure is taken off the lead This headcollar has been scientifically designed to work with the dog39s natural instincts to control unwanted behaviournbsp